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अमेरिका के क्रान्तिकारियों से सहयोग

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by September 20, 2019 ENGLISH, General, GK/GS, MATH, PDF NOTES

Cooperation with american revolutionaries

The Serbian was sympathetic to this movement of the Middle Dutch. The liberal government of England also sympathized with Italy’s aspirations. He adopted a policy of non-interference and believed that the Italians had the right to decide their own cases. Traya and Prasha wanted the old Ka to be installed in central Italy according to the Treaty of Zurich. So now the whole situation is on the point of view of France. Meanwhile, in January 1860, Kavur again settled on the post of Prime Minister and he settled a deal with Napoleon on this matter. He lured neither good nor service. In the end, it was decided that he would not object to the joining of the states of LA in Serginia.

Plombiers agreement

If he gets the provinces of Nice and Sevay instead. Napoleon was desirous of receiving the value of the cooperation given under the Plombiers Agreement by doing so. By availing this benefit he also wanted to overcome the discontent of his countrymen. In March 1860, a referendum was held in the states of Central Italy, which was a new experiment. Parma, Modena, Tuscany, Bologna and Piazza decided to meet with Sahania by a strong majority. In Nice and Sevay also, the people voted to meet with France, and France became the authority there.

Right of france

The exit of Nice and Sevay Italy came under severe criticism. Nees was the birthplace of Garibaldi, so he was greatly shocked by this incident. He criticized Kavoor for saying, “You have made me a foreigner in my own homeland.” All the people in England did not like this abduction by France because England did not want France’s influence to increase.

The area of ​​Sergian-Piedmont has now doubled. An Italian state of all northern Italy and the intermediate Dutch was created, except for Venetia. With this, the second phase of Italy’s integration was completed.

Naples and Sicily merge

Half the peninsula was still to be found. Naples, Sicily, Venetia and Rome were still outside Italy. After Villafranca’s betrayal, Kavoor said, “European powers did not allow me to unify the north with diplomacy. Now I have to unite Italy from the south by resorting to revolution. ”This was a sign of circumstantial change in Kavoor’s policy.

History of tyranny

The history of the last 40 years of Naples and Sicily was a history of tyrannical despotism. In May 1859, the ruler of Naples and Sicily, Fadinand Dwitar, died and was succeeded by Francis II. He was an inept, inexperienced and weak ruler. Francis II tried some reform but it did not reduce the public discontent. The 1859-80 War of Sadeenia and Austria and the revolts in Central Italy also struck Manapuls and Sicily. Apart from this, there was also great dissatisfaction due to Viv Han of the ruler. National Society was running fast in Sicily. Mezzini also encouraged the rebellion, and his supporter Francisco Crispi formulated a plan of rebellion, but the success of Naples and Millie’s rebellion went to Garibaldi. Diwali (1807-1882 AD) ) – Giuseppe Garibalti was born in 1807 in Nees Mak City. Her father was an officer of a small merchant ship. Saka’s father wanted Garibaldi to have a higher education. But Garibaldi did not mind reading.

Giuseppe garibalti

He was only able to read books and satisfy his free and adventurous instincts. Garibaldi continued to travel on merchant ships for 27 10 years. For this reason, he had enough experience of the Mediterranean Sea. It was during these travels that he was introduced to the patriots and residents of Italy and his contact aroused in him a feeling of independence of Italy. He also came in contact with Megini and became a member of young Italy, impressed by his high status. In 1833, he took part in a naval conspiracy organized by Megini. He was caught and sentenced to death but somehow escaped to South America.

Cooperation with the revolutionaries of South America

For fourteen years he cooperated with the revolutionaries of South America. During this time he received good training in guerrilla warfare, Which later helped in the wars of unification of Italy. He returned to Italy after receiving information about the revolution of 1848 AD and participated in the war against Austria under the leadership of Charles Albert. After this he arrived in Rome to assist the Republic of Mezzini. He tried to the end to protect Rome against French forces, but he could not succeed and somehow escaped to Skoney. From Tuscany he came to Piedmont and from there again left the country and went to America. He lived in America for six years and after earning a lot of money from there, returned to Italy in 1854 AD. On coming to Italy, he bought an island called R Kiara, of Sergia, and living there as an independent farmer, he made his first contact with Kavur in 1856. He was greatly influenced by Kavur’s ideas that in 1857 he paid a tribute to the ruler of Serginia.

Supporter of legal monarchy

This important event in Garibaldi’s life, the Pak republican had now become a supporter of legal monarchism. That is why a compromise was reached between the Republicans and the monarchists of Sadeenia. “If this agreement did not happen and the differences between the two were trying to destroy each other and the unity of Italy”, Said Kettleby wrote, they would have failed each other oil. “

Revolt in Sicily – The people of Sicily belonged to the autocratic rule of the Buba kings. The patriots here prayed to Garibaldi that he was ready to lead Garriwaldi to their aid. But he made a condition that they revolt in the name of Italy and Victor Emanuel April 14, 186032 near Messina. Although the rebels initially had some success, the French forces brutally suppressed the disturbance.


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